5 lawsuits filed against Port St. Lucie builder

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. — A handful of homeowners who had their houses built by Port St. Lucie Properties have filed lawsuits against the company.

The owners of more than 100 properties have been hit with property liens totaling more than $3.7 million.

According to court papers, it is because Port St. Lucie Properties has failed to pay its contractors.

Five lawsuits have been filed against Port St. Lucie Properties and its owner Mark Montalto.


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6:33 PM, Nov 29, 2023

Some of those property owners said the cost of paying off liens and finding a new builder set them back more than $100,000.

But can these people who claim to be victims collect from a builder who apparently is no longer in business?

“My job is to fight for my clients, to advocate for my clients and get as much as we possibly can,” attorney Travis Walker, who represents some of the homeowners bringing suit, said. “Ultimately, there may be only a certain amount of money on the table, but we’re going to after that and get what we can.”

WPTV has continuously tried to contact Port St. Lucie Properties, and owner Mark Montalto, who was recently arrested.

However, he and the business have not returned WPTV’s calls or emails.

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