J.D. Martinez Signs $12M Deal, to Lead Mets On and Off Field

J.D. Martinez is gearing up to contribute to the Mets after signing a one-year, $12 million deal, starting Spring Training immediately, but due to start the season in Minor Leagues and debuting on April 7. Martinez is focused on preparing for the season, acknowledging that nothing gets you ready for baseball like actual baseball. The 36-year-old hitter is aware that a middling season could potentially end his career, which is why he sought the best opportunity, which he believes he found with the Mets, where he will have the chance to continue his impressive hitting. His arrival has been met with excitement from both management and players, with expectations of him adding both on and off the field.

By the NumbersMartinez signed a one-year, $12 million deal with the Mets.He bashed 33 home runs with an .893 OPS last year. State of PlaySpring Training: Martinez started immediately after signing, but is expected to begin the season in Minor Leagues and debut on April 7.Impactful Arrival: Martinez’s signing has generated excitement from both management and players, with high expectations for his contribution on and off the field. Bottom Line

J.D. Martinez’s arrival at the Mets has brought high expectations for his on-field performance and off-field leadership, marking an important addition to the team’s lineup and clubhouse dynamics.