Like The Villages But Closer to the Coast

I get this request all the time, “show me something like The Villages but closer to the coast”.

There’s nothing quite like The Villages, but when I get this request, I do have a place in mind:

Valencia at Riverland in Port St. Lucie

Yes, there are a few compromises you’d need to be willing to make, but if “like The Villages but closer to the coast” is what you are after, this is about as close of a match as I think you’ll find.

Read on for why I think that, including the similarities, and a few differences.

One Builder/Developer

One of the big things I chalk much of The Villages’ success up to is that it has been one builder/developer at the helm since the beginning. Yes, things have evolved there through the different generations of family members running the show, but in every case they continue to do what they believe is best for the community because their name is on the line.

The same holds true for Valencia at Riverland. GL Homes is the family-owned company and sole builder/developer behind Valencia at Riverland. They’ve built more than 100,000 homes throughout the state since their founding in 1976, and like The Villages they only build in Florida.

Golf Cart Lifestyle

The golf cart lifestyle is one of the major things that attracts people to The Villages.

Valencia at Riverland has that too:

Multiple Neighborhoods or “Villages”

Looking at this site plan you can see how Valencia at Riverland has separate neighborhoods like The Villages does, that are all connected by the Paseo Greenway you learned about above:

Also, and this is probably purely by accident, but The Villages has always been developed from North to South (for the most part). Now the future sections of Valencia at Riverland are also mostly to the South.

Shared Amenities

The indoor pool in Valencia at Riverland…one amenity The Villages does not have

Also like The Villages, all of the amenities and recreation centers (Valencia calls them social clubs) are open to all residents, no matter which Valencia at Riverland neighborhood you…

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