Police: Texas Man Kills Himself During Standoff In Port St. Lucie | 1290 WJNO

A man from Texas is dead after barricading himself inside a U-Haul truck at a Port St. Lucie shopping center.

Police say 33-year old Christopher Pringle had been visiting Boca Raton when he went missing and they tracked him to the Landings in Tradition on Wednesday afternoon.

He wasn’t wanted for any criminal activity but when arriving officers realized that Pringle was armed in that truck they deployed stop sticks to prevent him from leaving.

A negotiation team started talking to the man to get him to come out of the truck, but after more than 90 minutes he wouldn’t budge. That’s when flash bangs and chemical agents were deployed, as shoppers were told to shelter-in-place in the stores.

Ultimately, Port St. Lucie Police say Pringle shot himself. Officers broke a window to get access to his body.