Port St. Lucie bars; Vero Beach woes; beach homes threaten sea turtles

Turtles endangered, erosion a problem, so why build new homes east of others?

As I walked the beach after recent heavy seas, it was sad to see so many turtle nests destroyed and eggs washed out along the shoreline in the Porpoise Point area. 

The endangered turtles are forced to lay their eggs at the base of seawalls, with no higher ground to safely lay their eggs. I understand the need to protect people’s homes and the issues with the denial of access that dictates these beaches will not be renourished. 

However, currently a new home is under construction literally on the beach in the Ocean Ridge neighborhood. Protecting homes built 20 and 30 years ago is one thing, but to allow this new home to be built on the beach — eastward of other older homes ― should not be happening.  

This new home is still listed as a “vacant” lot on the property appraiser’s website ― this is not a reconstruction of an existing house. Some change in the code should stop any future homes from being built on the beach. 

There is already more than a half mile of shoreline where the ocean washes up to seawalls at high tides. We don’t need more beach that is inaccessible and useless to the endangered wildlife that need it.

Steven R. Schlitt, Vero Beach

Get real, Vero Beach City Council; replace Humiston Park boardwalk

Humiston Beach deserves a new boardwalk. The Vero Beach City Council must rethink the decision to replace a boardwalk with a sidewalk.

This beach is very popular. Many residents like to sit in the shade and walk a bit and share the enjoyment with their friends. Swimming in the ocean, or walking along the sand, is often not an option for some of us.

I have enjoyed this beach and boardwalk for 40 years. My family, friends and neighbors agree that getting rid of the boardwalk would be a big mistake. Looking at the historic photos of Humiston over the years shows what a valuable landmark it is, and it should be preserved.

How can the city have no funds for a boardwalk when the homes nearby are paying such high taxes? Please find funds for a boardwalk and new lifeguard tower. Our ocean is such a valuable resource and we hope the council will reconsider its plan and find funds to replace the…