Port St. Lucie: Police investigating theft of 4 parrots, 2 monkeys

Port St. Lucie police said it won’t be easy to hide four exotic birds and two monkeys stolen from a home during the weekend.

Antoine Herndon called police Sunday morning when he discovered his birds and monkeys were missing.

Herndon said he normally checks on the animals at night, but it was raining so he waited until morning.

He said the cage doors were open and the animals were gone.

Herndon is a licensed exotic bird breeder and received the pair of monkeys as a gift.

Police said four African gray parrots and two cotton-top tamarin monkeys were stolen.

According to the police report, Herndon said the monkeys “are tiny and resemble the looks of an old man.”

Herndon said the birds are worth about $800 each and the monkeys about $2,000 each.

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Update arrest made