Port St. Lucie’s Master Fred Lasala hoping to win 7th & 8th World Titles at age 63

PORT ST. LUCIE (CBS12) — No single family is more dedicated to bringing the community together through martial arts than the Lasala Family in Port St. Lucie. The patriarch of the family, Master Fred Lasala, is now poised to add to his family’s legacy.

At the age of 63, there’s no stopping six-time World Champion Master Fred LaSala, who’s now just over a month away from potentially competing for two more World Titles! Despite a serious motorcycle accident a few years ago, Master Lasala has been competing in state tournaments all year long, earning an impressive number of points along the way which should earn him a National Title in early June. It would also give him the opportunity to complete at the U.S. Open ISKA World championships in Orlando in July, hoping to win in the traditional and creative weapons categories. It’s a chance to surpass his all-time goal of seven World Titles. and potentially become an eight-time world champion. But why is Master Lasala more hungry now than ever?

“I’m in pain when I’m done (training), but there’s no way I could say I’m finished,” says Lasala as he reaches for a recently won trophy. “As an instructor, I’ve never wanted to blow dust off my trophies and tell you that’s what I used to do. I want to tell you, this is what I do now.”

Lasala says it’s even more special that he’ll get a chance to compete for a World Title alongside his 10 year old Grandson Jonah. That experience could make this the most memorable competition of his life.

Lasala is an unsponsored amateur athlete, and has set up a GoFund Me page to help him get to the World Championships to live out his dream once again.