Reported algae spreading to St. Lucie County

Algae blooms on the Treasure Coast may be spreading outside Martin County,

A viewer sent us a video of what appears to blue-green algae in the Fort Pierce area.

Jordan Schwartz at Ohana Surf Shop bought the Ohana Bus after the 2016 algae crisis so he could take customers out of town for paddleboard lessons when the water is not so great.

“14 people at a time,” said Jordan as he showed us the bus.

So with all the algae popping up recently, he decided to take his crew up to Fort Pierce Tuesday.

“Find some clean water to go paddle board,” said Schwartz.

He instead found algae.

“It’s very disappointing for people visiting Florida for the first time,” said Schwartz.

Jim Sullivan at FAU Harbor Branch says he’d be surprised if this algae came from Lake Okeechobee Discharges.

He says local runoff is an issue as well.

“The algae doesn’t only grow in Lake Okeechobee. It will grow in any fresh water body that has enough nutrients and light for it to grow,” said Sullivan.

Jordan says he’s at the point where he’s thinking about packing up and moving.

“It’s disheartening and it makes it tough to do business on the Treasure Coast,” said Schwartz.

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