St. Lucie County schools offering rare progress system to ensure equal opportunity to excel

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. — South Florida and the Treasure Coast are known for diversity, but school can be a difficult place for first- and second-generation students.

St. Lucie County schools offer a state-of-the-art progress system to ensure every student has an equal opportunity to excel that also prevents students from falling through the cracks.

”They can’t fly under the radar. They can’t be forgotten. They can’t be missed,” said Treasure Coast High School counselor Kayleigh Nemo.

The St. Lucie County School District is the only one in South Florida to use Power BI — a “social emotional intervention” system that tracks grades, absenteeism and discipline all in one portal. Data that previously required multiple data sets, middlemen and valuable time.

“That way we get a snapshot of the student right away, and we can get interventions in place for the student immediately,” Nemo said.

The system has helped second-generation students like JROTC cadet Shenieya Harris who credits her success to good teachers, guidance counselors and Power BI.

“It really paid off,” Harris said. “My GPA right now is a 4.3.”

Harris says she’s now college bound and thanks to Power BI at the top of her class. Moreover, Nemo adds Power B1 allows her to treat all students like valued repeat customers. Students like Harris are proof of the program’s success.

Source – WPVT…