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Good Reasons to Hire a Social Security Disability Attorney in Port St. Lucie, FL

The Social Security Administration provides disability benefits to people who are unable to work for at least one year due to a physical or mental condition. Although the guidelines seem pretty straightforward, and the application is supposed to be easy to …
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When the Mets Are Good, Port St. Lucie Feels Even Better

Florida’s 5% tourism tax netted the county a total of $ 3.4 million in 2015—more than $ 1 million of which came in February and March. According to Dzadvosky, tourism in Port St. Lucie has broken records in each of the past two years, and he believes it …
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Good Samaritans rescue driver from sinking car in Florida

Apair of good Samaritans and a three police detectives saved an elderly Florida man from drowning in his car after it crashed into a pond this week. According to Port Saint Lucie police, Hixford Banton was traveling westbound along Port Saint Lucie …
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Opponents Say State’s Clean Water Proposal Isn’t Good Enough – CBS Local

CBS Local

Opponents Say State's Clean Water Proposal Isn't Good Enough
CBS Local
The proposal seeks to establish water-flow levels for the state's natural springs and set guidelines for the Central Florida Water Initiative, which is a regional water-supply planning effort that involves the Department of Environmental Protection

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