This 10-foot wide Florida house is now on the market for $619K | Tampa

Things are getting pretty slim out here, and now an insanely skinny house is up for grabs in Florida.

Located at 1952 Horn St., in Jacksonville Beach, the 10-foot wide home is the product of local setback laws, and an already narrow 25-foot wide lot.

Listing agent Ryan Wetherhold of Oceanside Real Estate and builder John Atkins, are no strangers to building homes on smaller lots,  but because of pushback from the local community, the team wasn’t given much wiggle room to build.

“What we were left with was to build within the building code, a modern building code that’s been revised that’s pretty conservative at 35% law coverage and 7 ½-foot setbacks on each side,” said Wetherhold to Business Insider. “So it made us build a 10-foot-wide house. We had no other choice.”

The skinny home, which was recently featured on popular realty page Zillow Gone Wild, features 1,547-square-feet of living space, as well as two bedrooms, three bathrooms, tons of built-ins, a garage, and a rather spacious backyard.

The home is currently asking $619,000.

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