Tornado disrupts traffic on I-95 near Port St. Lucie

Trees were downed and a roof was damaged in the storms.

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. — The National Weather Service office in Melbourne confirmed an EF-0 tornado brought traffic on Interstate 95 near Port St. Lucie to a standstill Monday afternoon as the twister moved through the area.

Video recorded by Michael Jaycocks shows the tornado crossing the interstate while drivers just ahead hit the brakes and pulled off to the side. The swirl of dark clouds crosses the other travel lanes before moving away.

The weather service initially said there were two tornadoes during Monday’s event but so far confirmed one that started around 4:43 p.m. in Palm City before traveling to Stewart by 5:08 p.m. and dissipating. 

There are no confirmed deaths or injuries from the tornadoes. 

Damage in the area is said to be minor, with the weather service reporting several trees down and some minor damage to a metal roof at a horse farm in Palm City. A tipped camper in the North River Shores community was reported, as well.

The storm’s circulation eventually went on to produce a waterspout over the St. Lucie River before lifting.

Florida has experienced several rounds of active weather in recent weeks as the state’s weather pattern has been predominantly impacted by an El Niño climate pattern. This setup typically tracks storms along the southern U.S., including Florida, and can make for a rainer than average season.

An EF-0 tornado hit Fort Lauderdale on Jan. 7, while two tornadoes were confirmed in the Tampa Bay area as a line of strong to severe storms moved through on Jan. 9.