Victims of botched surgeries are saying this after 4 arrests

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. — WPTV continues to look into a now-shuttered cosmetic surgery center on the Treasure Coast that was closed after allegations of botched surgeries, prompting four arrests.

Two women shared with WPTV their stories of disappointment after they claimed their procedures went wrong.

“I physically have scars, but the mental anguish of it is the worst,” victim Jaclyn Sterling said.

Sterling said she went to have a cosmetic procedure in 2021 but the resulting surgery left her with permanent scarring.

Port St Lucie

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“I have bumps all over my midsection,” she said.

Sterling had been to the now-closed Cosmetica Plastic Surgery and Anti-Aging in Port St. Lucie.

She’s one of a handful of victims who have sued for what they claim were botched surgeries. So far, four people have been arrested and charged with racketeering.

“I trusted that these people had my best interest at heart,” Sterling said.

WPTV Investigates

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Port St. Lucie police said this started as a legitimate business with a doctor. However, investigators said staff ended up taking over and performing procedures without the doctor’s knowledge.

Investigators said one suspect, Adley DaSilva, was performing surgery, but was only a physician’s assistant.

WPTV also spoke with a Port St. Lucie woman who wanted to remain anonymous. She said after having a procedure at the business she “realized it didn’t go well.”


An anonymous victim discusses what happened to her after having surgery at Cosmetica Plastic Surgery and Anti-Aging.

The woman said she had prior work done at the Cosmetica facility, but a recent procedure left her with numbness and a stretching sensation throughout her entire midsection.

“I had to have five very painful medical massages because I had bumps on my stomach from the procedure,” the anonymous victim said.

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