With so much development, can Port St. Lucie’s infrastructure handle growth?

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. — With more development booming in Port St. Lucie, WPTV is answering your questions as to whether the city’s infrastructure can handle the new growth.

Port St. Lucie is the fifth fastest-growing city in the country with 231,790 population, according to a November ranking of U.S. Census data,

One of the latest complexes going up is a new Publix-anchored retail and commercial center in Tradition’s Riverland Community.

GL Homes broke ground Thursday on the 35-acre development at Community Boulevard and Marshall Parkway, about a mile west of Interstate 95.

It will be completed in multiple phases.

Already, Riverland, which spans 4,000 acres, has four housing complexes built and several more planned. It’s approved for 11,700 homes.

Since construction started five years ago, about 5,000 people have already moved in, and with so many more expected to migrate over the next 10 years, the question we hear you asking again and again is this: can Port St. Lucie handle it?

“It’s going up over my shoulder,” said a Port St. Lucie resident, who asked to only go by Scott. “You have Amazon, you have Costco coming down, you have all this retail development planned, maybe a dozen communities built. Obviously from a convenience standpoint, it’s great, but as the community and as Tradition is growing, from an infrastructure standpoint, can everything be handled?”

John Bryja/WPTV

Scott, a resident of Port St. Lucie, is concerned about infrastructure in Port St. Lucie.

It’s a question we took to GL Homes Division President Ryan Courson.

“Will Port St. Lucie’s current infrastructure accommodate the amount of people moving in?” WPTV reporter Kate Hussey asked.

“We’ve gone through a process with the city and our own internal to make sure we’re putting in the infrastructure to support the growth that we’re bringing to this area,” Courson said.


GL Homes Division President Ryan Courson on infrastructure in Port St. Lucie.

Courson said that includes putting in a network of miles of roadways and a Paseo Greenway for walkers bikers and golf cart riders to divert traffic from more…