Former Port St. Lucie police officer had sex on duty, neglected duty, report states

PORT ST. LUCIE − A Port St. Lucie Police officer resigned as an investigation began that ultimately found a number of policy violations, including having sex on duty and neglect of duty, recently-released records show.

The internal police investigation involving Officer Julio Borras started after a random audit found “personal text messages including an exchange of photographs of an adult nature” on his department-issued phone.

Investigators found six people with whom Borras had “inappropriate dialogue.” Of 6,234 text messages, 6,171 were with people Borras “engaged for non-law enforcement related purposes.”

For example, with one person between Aug. 18, 2023, and Sept. 10, 2023, there were 4,380 text and nude photo messages.

Borras worked for the Port St. Lucie Police for about 10 years beginning in May 2007, then again from June 2019 to October 2022, according to police. He returned in June 2023 before resigning under investigation in October 2023.

Investigators noted that between June and September 2023, Borras used his department-issued cell phone to communicate with people he met on duty.

“Officer Borras portrayed himself as thoughtful and caring, as he utilized his department equipment and law enforcement involvement with these individuals to further his personal relationships,” records state.

The intentions and communication, according to the records, weren’t “that of a moral or ethical law enforcement officer.”

Police used vehicle tracking technology to corroborate implications in his texts that he visited the people at their home addresses and at “various secluded locations within his assigned patrol area on over 20 occasions.”

Police cross-referenced text messages, vehicle locations and bodycam footage to determine Borras neglected his duty “on several calls for service to visit and have inappropriate relations with one of the individuals identified in the text communication,” records show.

One woman texted that Borras was “in uniform and really trying to be in trouble.”

“I ain’t worried,” Borras replied.

She texted an image of a television news article about an investigation of “uniformed officer kissing a woman.” He stated, “That’s why I…