Port St. Lucie woman accused of trying to run over her neighbor

A Port St. Lucie woman is facing an aggravated assault charge after being accused of trying to run over her neighbor.

Police released surveillance video they said shows what happened Tuesday in the 6100 block of Ginger Lane.

Yvonne Weinstein, 78, is accused of trying to hit her neighbor, Marcus Vandagriff,with her vehicle.

“Honestly, I thought my life was in danger at that point,” Vandagriff said. “I thought she was going to come straight toward me and hit me.”

According to an incident report, Weinstein told investigators, “She pressed on the gas pedal too hard and lost control of the vehicle. However, when she saw Marcus, before driving up her driveway, she felt enraged.”

“And then she pulled up alongside the road, pulled into her driveway, got out looked at the fence,” Vandagriff said. “Checked her car out, put her car in the garage, and never checked to see if we were okay.”

The report also states, “It should be noted that this is a documented, ongoing neighbor dispute.”

“Every time she sees me out front, she videos me. Every time she sees me out here, she flips me off at random. She’s told me to move,” Vandagriff said. “All of that is why I thought my life truly was in danger.”